Film Festival

  • Sweetheart

    About the Film:
    A woman dressed as Marilyn is waiting for her Elvis to come and rescue her on the top of a bridge in an empty today Rome. Their love story is not what it seems.

    About the Filmmaker:
    In 2015 Spagnoli taught Biopic & biographic storytelling: mediatic exploration of individuali...

  • Something Called Vietnam

    About the Film:
    Jim Clark, a native of Wakefield, Nebraska, served as an MP in the Vietnam War. This documentary explores his experiences there and career upon returning home.

    About the Filmmaker:
    I am a 19 year old video production student from Nebraska going to college in Iowa. I am pursu...

  • Paradox

    About the Film:
    All the dilemmas of modern life corner the individual. The person looks for an alternative way, in order to avoid of one’s own all responsibilities. He goes into the forest and starts to climb on the inclined surface. This climbing-action becomes true slowly as desired. He hears...

  • Menu

    About the Film:
    A family goes to a restaurant for having lunch. While the father is ordering food notices a child who is in his son's age, the girl wants something from her mom. The father tries to fulfill the unknown girl wish without attracting attention.

    About the Filmmaker:
    Arash Teymoo...

  • Life Does Not Rewind

    How one is engaged into drugs and what made him to quit drugs.

  • Journey to Porcelain Capital

    About the Film:
    The documentary revolves around the Jingdezhen ceramic art as the theme of about 17 minutes of non-commercial nature documentary.Taking the interview of 5-6 artists as the main line, introducing the personal works introduction of new and old artists and the different concepts of...

  • In Him

    About the Film:
    It is the story of a lambda man, named: Blank, who leads a life, empty of meaning but which in the depths of his souuhaite find happiness.

  • Hoblio

    About the Film:
    A pilgrim carrying a heavy burden travels through a dark forest to a radiant valley. Along the way, he encounters four mysterious characters on his search for spiritual freedom. Join little Hoblio in his quest for peace and enlightenment.

    About the Filmmaker:
    Piero Tonin is ...

  • Divine Beauty

    About the Film:
    Short docudrama based on the Passion according to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, the Daughter of the Kingdom of the Divine Will, and the Catholic visionary Barnabas Nwoye. First Biblical film of its kind based on their spiritual writings.

    About the Filmmaker:
    Marcelle ...

  • Brave

    About the Film:
    These deaf South Asian young people tell us how they overcame their challenges growing up.

    About the Filmmaker:
    Ashley Pegg is an award-winning director. He won an Arts & Humanities Research Council Scholarship to study an MA at the National Film and Television School. He wo...

  • A Cup Of Tea

    About the Film:
    The main character is a rich beautiful women who used to be surrounded with the beautiful things. Beautiful but cold, just the same as she is. One day she finds herself in a strange place. It seemed to be a usual porcelain shop, but turned out to be something else. She is offered...

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  • La China

    The story of La China is composed of different elements that introduce us to the pilgrimage from Aztlan to Mexico Tenochtitlan through a symbolic perspective represented by the transformation of a woman (La China) and her path – a multi-generation evolution that interconnects and complements each...

  • Load

    21st century. The era of neoliberalism, consumerism and virtual reality – blank stares, absent minds and dead souls. Far from this world communities that haven’t said farewell to the old-fashioned values can still be found. In one of those districts lives a truck driver who just wants to put an e...

  • BAKİ Documentary

    Emine USLU, 79, living in the village of Aydıncik, Deveci, Yozgat, is the life story of her 46-year-old son Baki USLU, who has been excluded by people who lack the sense of compassion and justice after being diagnosed with schizophrenia.

  • Clean Shaving

    'Clean Shaving' is a short thriller that tells a story of JACK, who has lost his purpose of life and doesn't want to do anything to change his current situation. He then goes to the bathroom and starts shaving...

    'Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own
    unguarded thoughts' - Buddha

  • Choose Your Own Adventure - The Story Behind The Video Games

    This documentary is the true story behind the creation of one of the most inventive stage plays ever conceived. David and Jared are two AMDA graduates who took it upon themselves to create a theatrical experience unlike anything that came before it. Their mission is to usher in the next generatio...

  • The Lost Trace

    Project Signing Out main idea about documenting traditional signboards in Singapore actually started out as an observation with regards to its intricacy and heritage properties. This traditional signboards are losing their popularity amongst younger business owners. Contemporary choice of busines...

  • My mom's birthday

  • Chalk Mother

    Inspired by a true story. An orphan girl draws her mother on the floor of an orphanage in Iraq. Then she takes off her shoes and lays on the design to be able to feel the love of his mother dead in the Iraq war. Other orphaned girls do the same and then all dream of their mothers.

  • GSLV Mark3

    GSLV Mark3 is a two point of view narration told from a girl and also the ISRO team who wants to launch their GSLV mark 3 satellite into the space. There is a beautiful connect between girl and rocket which is about to launch

  • The Lost Trace

  • Breaking with Customs

    A village common boy falls in love with the wife of the king's chief and both run away.Now,the kingdom wants both of them dead or alive.

    About the Filmmaker:
    Name: Wasswa Stephen a.k.a T.West Ttabu
    Birth day: 13th Novermber 1989
    nationality: ugandan
    citizenship: ugandan
    Tribe:Muganda ...

  • My Home, Singapore Still

    Neil is your typical young adult, only with two homes - he was born in India but raised in Singapore. This luxury is to change when he receives his enlistment letter for Singapore's mandatory 2-year military National Service (NS) and has to choose whether to serve to preserve his Permanent Reside...